Dear Toronto Centre,

It is an honour to fight for you at Queen’s Park.

As someone who grew up here and still lives in Toronto Centre today, I know that our community deserves so much better than the status quo.

We deserve a government that will fight for an end to the housing crisis, a more affordable life, and invest in the services you and your family can count on. One that will put people ahead of wealthy insiders and corporate interests.

For far too long Liberals and Conservatives have failed to deliver.

The Liberals talked a good game but then let our communities down. They left us with crumbling schools, understaffed seniors’ homes, and a decades-long waitlist for affordable housing.

Doug Ford made things even worse. He made deep cuts to the services people count on and attacked our local democracy. When our communities were hit hard by COVID, he refused to spend the money needed to save lives in long term care and protect front line workers from deadly workplace outbreaks.

Together we fought back and pushed for better.

We fought for a ban on COVID evictions, help for local businesses, and paid sick days for all workers.

We can’t afford to go back to Ford’s cuts after the pandemic, and we don’t have to, because an NDP government will prioritize helping people and delivering a just recovery where no one is left behind.

Andrea Horwath and I understand where you are coming from and care about making things better.

We have your back, and with your help we are ready to build a brighter, better future for Toronto Centre.

With Love & Solidarity,

— Suze

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