Anne: Suze Fights for Survivors

(Note: Anne is a pseudonym.)

At the start of 2021, I was shaking with fear alone in my room trying to escape my abuser’s violence.

I had not been in this situation before. My abuser’s financial control over me meant that I had no way to get out of the situation by myself.

My first thought was to reach out to my local MPP — Suze Morrison’s office. I was given the support I needed to turn things around.

The advice and connections they gave me included how to apply for an emergency housing transfer. But like so many survivors of domestic violence, I was told that there was nowhere to go.

Thanks to the knowledge, persistence and compassion of the New Democrats and the advocates who championed my cause, I will be moving to a safe new home.

Suze’s team was able to help me because of the work you do to elect New Democrats.

The importance of electing progressive, people-centred lawmakers such as the New Democrats is plain to see.

Ford’s budgets have cut survivors' supports as if we are not facing a global pandemic.

Ford’s budget does nothing for women trapped with their abusers. Ontarians need hope, but Ford gives them cuts.

Ford is doing nothing to build affordable housing for abused women and others who, through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless.

Imagine how things would look today if we had elected an NDP government last election.

Imagine if every person fleeing abuse was told there was warm bed waiting at a cost within their means.

That’s the future I know Suze and the Ontario NDP are working on building.

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