Patricia: Suze Will Make Housing Affordable

My life changed this year when I was able to move into safe, affordable housing. 

I have lived in TCHC for years but it never felt like a home. I felt unsafe walking through the hallways because my neighbours were not getting the support they needed and would become violent or unpredictable. For months I had no heat at all in my apartment and no one was coming to fix it. I ended up staying in a women’s shelter just so that I could have a warm bed. 

After years of perseverance, advocacy from Suze, and the help of a lawyer from Neighbourhood Legal Services, I moved into a new TCHC Seniors building. It was such a relief. I am about to turn 81 years old and I finally feel happy to call my apartment home.

Something amazing happened when I felt safe: I started to write again. I have always loved writing, but when I was living in fear every day something in me locked up. As soon as I was settled in my new home however, I couldn't help but put my experiences into words. 

Since moving I have written piece after piece and even won prizes in writing competitions. I feel more myself than I have in years. 

Amid this joy, my heart breaks for all of the people who are still struggling in inadequate, unsafe, and unsupportive housing. How many people’s joy and creativity are we stifling by not providing them with a safe, stable place to live?

That is why we need to elect an NDP government in 2022. The NDP have a strong, ambitious, and actionable plan to build more affordable housing, more supportive housing, and to make sure units are maintained properly.

To do that Suze needs your support to run a winning campaign in the next election – with your support I know we can make that happen.

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