Teresa: Suze Stands Up for Tenant Rights

In June 2020, my landlord and local police showed up to illegally evict my family from our home.

Standing outside as my family was forced out of our home, I felt alone and hopeless.

But I learned that I was not alone because you elected Suze Morrison in Toronto Centre. You made phone calls. You knocked on doors. And you donated.

Because you elected a New Democrat, my phone call was returned. Suze raised my story to Ford’s Government to shame them for leaving families like mine homeless on the side of the road.

Because you elected a New Democrat, I knew that there were people like you rooting for me as I brought my case to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Families like mine need you to make sure that Ontario’s next government is its most progressive ever. We need you to help elect New Democrats across Ontario.

We need you to re-elect Suze Morrison in Toronto Centre.

Can you show your support for a government that stops illegal evictions?

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