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Teresa: Suze Stands Up for Tenant Rights

In June 2020, my landlord and local police showed up to illegally evict my family from our home.

Standing outside as my family was forced out of our home, I felt alone and hopeless.

But I learned that I was not alone because you elected Suze Morrison in Toronto Centre. You made phone calls. You knocked on doors. And you donated.

Because you elected a New Democrat, my phone call was returned. Suze raised my story to Ford’s Government to shame them for leaving families like mine homeless on the side of the road.

Because you elected a New Democrat, I knew that there were people like you rooting for me as I brought my case to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Families like mine need you to make sure that Ontario’s next government is its most progressive ever. We need you to help elect New Democrats across Ontario.

We need you to re-elect Suze Morrison in Toronto Centre.

Can you show your support for a government that stops illegal evictions?

Anne: Suze Fights for Survivors

(Note: Anne is a pseudonym.)

At the start of 2021, I was shaking with fear alone in my room trying to escape my abuser’s violence.

I had not been in this situation before. My abuser’s financial control over me meant that I had no way to get out of the situation by myself.

My first thought was to reach out to my local MPP — Suze Morrison’s office. I was given the support I needed to turn things around.

The advice and connections they gave me included how to apply for an emergency housing transfer. But like so many survivors of domestic violence, I was told that there was nowhere to go.

Thanks to the knowledge, persistence and compassion of the New Democrats and the advocates who championed my cause, I will be moving to a safe new home.

Suze’s team was able to help me because of the work you do to elect New Democrats.

The importance of electing progressive, people-centred lawmakers such as the New Democrats is plain to see.

Ford’s budgets have cut survivors' supports as if we are not facing a global pandemic.

Ford’s budget does nothing for women trapped with their abusers. Ontarians need hope, but Ford gives them cuts.

Ford is doing nothing to build affordable housing for abused women and others who, through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless.

Imagine how things would look today if we had elected an NDP government last election.

Imagine if every person fleeing abuse was told there was warm bed waiting at a cost within their means.

That’s the future I know Suze and the Ontario NDP are working on building.

Keith: Suze Champions Justice for Indigenous Peoples

This year Indigenous History Month coincided with the discovery of the remains of 215 children on the site of a former residential school in Kamloops. 

Ford’s apathy to this immense loss  showed me the importance of electing leaders from the urban Indigenous community like Suze Morrison. 

Suze fought for the Ford government to fund  Indigenous-led investigations of unmarked graves at former residential school sites across Ontario.  She helped ensure that Idle no More activists mourning  at Queen’s Park were not disrupted when the security guards wanted to remove the shoes being left behind to memorialize our lost ancestors. 

Suze is the kind of leader who would make Ryerson’s ghost wince. 

That is why it is so important that we fight to ensure Suze is re-elected alongside an NDP government. There cannot be reconciliation without us, and we need Suze in government — in cabinet — to ensure it is done in a good way. 

We started June 2021 united in grief. Those 215 precious children, and many more across the country, should have lived full lives, and their grandchildren should be here today.  And while we hold this loss, we appreciate the bright future we can build right here in Toronto Centre for the next generation of Indigenous children and youth in the upcoming election. 

Join me in supporting Suze Morrison’s re-election to elect an NDP government that will stand in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples.

Ben: Suze Will Take the Profit Out of Long Term Care

I don’t want to tell you the story of how Dodo died, I want to tell you the story of how she should have died. 

Dodo was my Nonna’s best friend for 70 years. 

Dodo was a paragon of working class feminist independence. She lived by herself for all the time I knew her in Toronto. She would brace against osteoarthritis and a hip replacement to climb the stairs up and down everyday. 

Her collection of books and voracious appetite for knowledge made it known to everyone that she was a dangerous woman. 

Dodo deserved so much better than how her story ended this year. She lost any sense of privacy as she lived out her last days in long term care. She became one of too many Ontarians who live in rooms of 3-4 people. Warehousing for our elders. 

I will never be able to thank every nurse and personal support worker enough. 

They wheeled Dodo to dinner. They checked her blood pressure and alerted a doctor when a dose needed changing. They answered the phone and held it up so we could have our final phone calls. 

But I know the profiteers in our long term care system don’t treat those workers with respect. 

For decades, privatization has been allowed to run rampant in our long-term care homes. We didn’t get here overnight just because Doug Ford was elected in 2018. 

The state of Ontario’s long term care sector is a direct result of 15 years of neglect, underfunding, and privatization under the former Liberal government. 

And as mad as I am about that, I don’t want to tell you the story of how Dodo died, I want to tell you the story of how she should have died. 

Dodo should have been able to hold the hands of her loved ones on her last days. 

Dodo should have been surrounded by the love of visitors, because the pandemic was under control, and the elders in our long-term care homes were protected. 

Dodo should have had more hands-on care than could be provided at a facility that understaffed, underpays and mistreats their workers. 

The story I want to tell you is one where long term care is properly funded and universally not-for-profit. 

The story of how Dodo should have died is the kind of future I know only an NDP Government will fight for. 

Together, by re-electing Suze Morrison, we can create a better long term care system that puts seniors first. 

Patricia: Suze Will Make Housing Affordable

My life changed this year when I was able to move into safe, affordable housing. 

I have lived in TCHC for years but it never felt like a home. I felt unsafe walking through the hallways because my neighbours were not getting the support they needed and would become violent or unpredictable. For months I had no heat at all in my apartment and no one was coming to fix it. I ended up staying in a women’s shelter just so that I could have a warm bed. 

After years of perseverance, advocacy from Suze, and the help of a lawyer from Neighbourhood Legal Services, I moved into a new TCHC Seniors building. It was such a relief. I am about to turn 81 years old and I finally feel happy to call my apartment home.

Something amazing happened when I felt safe: I started to write again. I have always loved writing, but when I was living in fear every day something in me locked up. As soon as I was settled in my new home however, I couldn't help but put my experiences into words. 

Since moving I have written piece after piece and even won prizes in writing competitions. I feel more myself than I have in years. 

Amid this joy, my heart breaks for all of the people who are still struggling in inadequate, unsafe, and unsupportive housing. How many people’s joy and creativity are we stifling by not providing them with a safe, stable place to live?

That is why we need to elect an NDP government in 2022. The NDP have a strong, ambitious, and actionable plan to build more affordable housing, more supportive housing, and to make sure units are maintained properly.

To do that Suze needs your support to run a winning campaign in the next election – with your support I know we can make that happen.

Brian: We need Suze in government

Many of you might not know that I was working for the Ontario NDP during the 2018 election. I was one of the Advancers driving ahead of Andrea Horwath across Ontario to connect with local campaigns, scope out great places to hold events, meet with stakeholders, and ensure the energy was hype, everywhere we went.

I drove 6,000 kilometres, not including flights, across this very large province. I got to visit places in Ontario I’ve never been and see the energy and the hope behind the NDP, everywhere we went including right here at home in Toronto Centre.

The night of the 2018 election, I was in Hamilton with the rest of the campaign staff watching results come in. After Andrea rocked her final scrum, I drove back to Toronto as fast as I could. I parked on Church St and ran up to Glad Day and Suze happened to be right there. And I ugly cried on her out of elation, tiredness, love, hope and hard work.

It means so much that Suze got elected that night and we’ve seen everyday that she’s always been up to the task, has the smarts, and the heart to be the MPP we deserve.

In the advance of that night, we put in months of work, hours of conversations and meetings, tens of thousands in fundraising, trainings and campaigns that stretched back into 2017 and across the GTA and London. The success of 2018 happened because we started early and never stopped.

2022 will be a story that is written by the work we do right now. It's going to take supporters, donors, and volunteers like you to ensure that 2022 is a story we write with the future we want – Suze Morrison in government.

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