Brian: We need Suze in government

Many of you might not know that I was working for the Ontario NDP during the 2018 election. I was one of the Advancers driving ahead of Andrea Horwath across Ontario to connect with local campaigns, scope out great places to hold events, meet with stakeholders, and ensure the energy was hype, everywhere we went.

I drove 6,000 kilometres, not including flights, across this very large province. I got to visit places in Ontario I’ve never been and see the energy and the hope behind the NDP, everywhere we went including right here at home in Toronto Centre.

The night of the 2018 election, I was in Hamilton with the rest of the campaign staff watching results come in. After Andrea rocked her final scrum, I drove back to Toronto as fast as I could. I parked on Church St and ran up to Glad Day and Suze happened to be right there. And I ugly cried on her out of elation, tiredness, love, hope and hard work.

It means so much that Suze got elected that night and we’ve seen everyday that she’s always been up to the task, has the smarts, and the heart to be the MPP we deserve.

In the advance of that night, we put in months of work, hours of conversations and meetings, tens of thousands in fundraising, trainings and campaigns that stretched back into 2017 and across the GTA and London. The success of 2018 happened because we started early and never stopped.

2022 will be a story that is written by the work we do right now. It's going to take supporters, donors, and volunteers like you to ensure that 2022 is a story we write with the future we want – Suze Morrison in government.

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