Suze Morrison is fighting for Toronto Centre.

Suze has a long history as a campaigner for affordable housing, quality care for seniors & vulnerable people, and public health care. She has fought to ensure that people can afford to live in our community and everyone has the support they need to live with dignity. 

A tenant advocate, she has fought for an eviction ban during the pandemic and tabled bills to ensure landlords keep homes in good repair and to reinstate rent control on new units. 

Her local advocacy work included pressing the Ford government for COVID supports for Queer and Trans-owned businesses in the Church & Wellesley village, and fighting to save the Foundry from demolition. 

Suze, Trevor and Nova

Suze has overcome significant adversity to get to where she is today. Poverty, precarious housing, violence, and learning how to understand her identity as a woman with both settler and Indigenous heritage are all critical parts of how she looks at policy from a progressive and intersectional lens.

Before June 2018, Suze worked as a communications professional with Indigenous and health care non-profits across Ontario. She has an Honours BA from the University of Guelph and a Diploma in Public Relations from Humber College.

She lives in Toronto Centre with her husband Trevor and their dog Nova. When she’s not working for her community, she is an avid motorsports enthusiast. 

Suze Morrison is ready to fight to save Ontario and stand up for our communities. As part of an NDP government she will put people first.

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Mailing Address: 31 Adelaide St E, Box 494, Toronto, ON M5C 1J4